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Combining Public Relations and Marketing to Change Consumer Opt In Behavior

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

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What is PRketing? Find out here! Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, discusses PRketing and how developing a solid plan for your organization can propel both your internal and client initiatives to reach new heights.

Doug’s Vlogviews:

“Is it keeping you up at night that you’re not putting enough of your budget into PRketing?”

“PRketing = PR + Content Marketing = Opt In Behavior Change = Moving the Needle (ROI)”

“PRketing is a phrase that I came up with that I think captures what organizations need to be doing to effectively communicate their messages. We’ve been used to a space where so much money has been thrown into advertising and marketing which is about forcing our message on consumers; interrupting them, if you will, during the normal course of activities: watching a TV program, etc. We recognize that’s not nearly as effective as it used to be.”

“When we do public relations, or content creation, we want to make sure that we’re actually moving the needle, that we’re creating positive business outcomes from the organizations that we partner with. Given that consumers don’t want to be sold to and they’re choosing to opt in, what we’re seeing is that content marketing is really becoming PRketing because it’s got to be a message that they find value in and it’s got to be delivered in a professional way to move the needle.”

How Ballroom Dancing Can Make You a Better CEO & a Happier Person

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

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Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Patrice Tanaka, Co-Chairperson, Chief Creative Officer and whatcanbe Ambassador of CRT/tanaka on the upcoming release of her new book, Becoming Ginger Rogers. Patrice discusses how taking up ballroom dancing has taught her lessons which allowed her to grow both personally and professionally.

Some of Patrice’s VlogViews:

“It’s about how it made me a happier person, a better partner and a smarter CEO. I really do think that ballroom dancing has helped me to do all of that. When you create joy in one area of your life it spills over into all areas of your life. If you’re a happier person you can engage with people in a better, more effective, more authentic way.”

“Ballroom dancing requires you to be fully present when you dance. You have to be fully focused on executing your present step because if you do it produces your next step, or your future.”

“The only guarantee of producing the best future is focusing on your present step. If you’re worried about the misstep you just made in your past then you screw up your present step which then screws up your future. Really, the only safe place to be is fully present mind, body and spirit executing your present step full on and fearlessly.”


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Julie Winskie of Porter Novelli on Delivering Results in a Digital World

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

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Porter Novelli Launches Real-Time Monitoring Service

Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Julie Winskie, Global President, Clients for Porter Novelli on how agencies are evolving in today’s every changing media environment.

Some of Julie’s VlogViews:

“It’s a significantly changed landscape out there and it’s all due to the digital explosion. It’s creating huge challenges but also huge opportunities. A couple of trends in terms of how we see evolving working with clients and how we see agency relationships evolving and it starts with a shift from monitoring to meaning.”

“What we see happening now and in the near future is a return back to what you essentially use agencies and outside council for, which, is what we do best, is council. It’s providing the analytical overlay to the data. It’s the context, the analysis.”

“It’s about the real-time information but it’s also about the real-time context as well.”


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D S Simon Welcomes Michael Farr as Senior Vice President & Managing Director of Content

Friday, August 12th, 2011

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Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, sits down with the company’s newly SVP & Managing Director of Content, Michael Farr. Michael shares his take on the importance of high quality video production as well as tips all brands should consider when looking to create impactful video content.

Some of Michael’s VlogViews:

“What we’re doing is we’re delivering television; that’s our ultimate goal. What we’re finding is that with all the things happening in production, there’s been a lot of innovation and a lot of changes, one thing has remained constant. The need to deliver quality video and quality production is always going to be there.”

“People are really pushing the edge and I encourage that a lot with the brands that we work with. Whether you be on the conservative side or the edgy side doesn’t really matter. Take advantage of the incredible production capabilities that are out there and looks that are out there; take your brand to the highest level that it can. Don’t be afraid to push it a little bit when it comes to creativity.”

“There’s always been an attraction between celebrity and, let’s say, consumer. In the 80’s, 90’s and now of course in the 21st century this has jumped to a higher level. The brand association with celebrity has been very high as we see every day. So this isn’t a new concept from a production standpoint. We’ve always wanted to take that sort of celebrity feeling and attach it to everything that we do.”


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