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Disclosure: An Old Issue Still Making News

Monday, March 17th, 2014


The consent decree between the FTC and ADT has put spokesperson guidelines back in the news. Has anything changed?

Doug’s VlogViews:

“These rules have been in place since 2009 and this case is from 2011.  As long as brands, spokespeople and agency partners comply, there’s nothing new.”

“The consent decree requires ADT to terminate and cease payment to an endorser (spokesperson) who fails to disclose and for the first time expands the disclosure requirement to radio.”  

“It’s unclear if the tougher rules will be applied more broadly but best practice requires brands, agencies and spokespeople to fully comply.”

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Jed Williams, VP at BIA/Kelsey on the Importance of Mobile Technology and his Upcoming Panel at the Convergence and Communications Conference

Monday, March 10th, 2014


Jed Williams, Vice President, Consulting and Senior Analyst at BIA/Kelsey speaks with D S Simon’s Executive Producer, Jamie Claudio, about his upcoming panel, “Moving to Mobile,” that will be at the Capitol Communicator’s Convergence and Communications Conference on Friday, March 28th in Arlington, VA.  Jed discusses how mobile technology is becoming increasingly important in the public relations and digital marketing fields and how companies and firms can benefit from focusing on the mobile medium.


Jed’s VlogViews:

“Whatever field we’re in, in this case public relations/digital marketing, we have to think about how to reach that new consumer, or that consumer and the new way they consume information, make business decisions, connect, and communicate with each other. That means we have to think from a professional standpoint, from a mobile-first mindset, no matter what we’re doing if we’re trying to reach that customer.”

 “What ‘mobile-first’ really means is whatever you’re building, whatever product, service, or offering you’re building, you have to think about mobile platforms and mobile technology first and foremost. … That’s probably where [consumers] are going to find you increasingly, it’s how they’re going to engage with you continuously, and ultimately how they may actually make a decision about your business or your brand.”

“… Attacking this big mobile idea and this explosive growth in mobile from a PR perspective is a unique angle and I think we’ll all learn a lot by having these experts on stage, sharing ideas and best practices.”

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Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

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D S Simon Productions syndicated special “The Best of CES” will be airing in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and nationally on DirecTV in early March. The Best of CES is hosted by Mario Armstrong, Digital Lifestyle Expert and 2011 Emmy Award winner for “Best TV Show Host.” “I’m really excited to host the show. CES is an incredible event. It’s great to be able to take viewers behind the curtain and give them an early look at great new technology,” said Armstrong.


The 30-minute long celebrity-packed special features segments covering the big stories of CES and was sponsored by Intel and Lowe’s who were featured within the program. “High-quality syndicated program is a unique opportunity for organizations to not only get the distribution in key markets but take advantage of significant opportunities to extend their brands through social media,” said Douglas Simon, President & CEO at video communications firm D S Simon Productions which developed the program.

In this segment, Mario Armstrong features key innovations from Intel including a broad new range of Ultrabook convertibles, detachables and tablets with all-day battery life. Intel Ambassador Mike Fard was featured. “This is an exciting time at Intel and in the world of technology in general. The landscape is evolving rapidly and the new technologies we highlighted at CES showcase some of the new ways in which people can interact with their PCs and mobile devices. Whether by touch, voice, facial recognition, and hand gestures, there are new and innovative ways in which to get work done and to have fun.”

The Best of CES will air on March 9, 2013 nationally on DirecTV, channel 224 at 10:00pm; WWOR in New York at 6:00am and WCIU in Chicago at 6:00am. The show will air in Los Angeles on Wednesday, March 6 at 6:30am.

“This presents a unique opportunity for brands to participate in high quality programming in an affordable way,” said Simon. “We are already seeing a dramatic upturn in requests for this type of programming.

Twitter: @marioarmstrong, @DSSimon

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Kevin Bishop, Global Head of Brands, For IBM

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

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Kevin Bishop of IBM spoke with Douglas Simon, D S Simon Productions, about the 100th anniversary of IBM and the six steps for a successful initiative. Recorded at the IABC Measurement Event discussing the 100th anniversary.

Some of Kevin’s VlogViews:

On the 100th anniversary, “ We wanted to make sure we drew on the history of the past to be relevant to the future as a strategic objective. How can we demonstrate that from our past history, we will be able to make a difference with things that matter to people in the world now.”

“You put your media plan in a way that’s relevant to all of the constituents, then you really got to work each element of the media for what it’s good for. So films can be a very powerful thing, quick delivery of information with a powerful emotional content. If you are going to use the web, make sure you produce things that deserve to be shared, because that’s what people do on the web, it’s to share content. You have to work every media really hard for what it’s uniquely good at.”

“The tree is the real thing, and the shadow is just the image, and if you want to manage a brand you have to work on the health of the tree. If you have a healthy tree, it will always look beautiful in photographs, it will have a great reputation, people will come and look. If all you do is take clever photographs one afternoon, then the tree is going to wither and die. So managing a brand is like managing the health of a tree, and then the shadow looks after itself.”

Check out IBM’s Centennial Website and video!

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