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D S Simon Launches the DSS Media Module

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014


D S Simon recently launched the DSS Media Module, which is a marketing/communications platform that delivers high-definition video content to global broadcasters as well as high-quality images, infographics, press materials and embeddable video to online sites and social outlets. It’s easily shared via a link or embedded within any web environment including an organization’s newsroom or campaign microsite. To date, content within the DSS Media Modules have reached tens of millions of people globally.

For more information visit our DSS Media Module Press Release.

Disgraced Buzzfeed’s Benny Johnson’s Next Career Move?

Monday, July 28th, 2014


NOTE: Interview does not contain plagiarized material (we think.)

Earlier this year, in this interview with Doug Simon, President & CEO of digital, social and strategic video communications firm, D S Simon, fired Buzzfeed viral politics editor, Benny Johnson, who hinted at the job he thought was better than his Buzzfeed gig (hint: it’s not a PR job).  He might want to start looking.

The Visionary Leader behind the Corporate Anniversary Forum on how to take Advantage of Company Milestones

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014


Lisa Alonge, Founder of Milestone Marketing and The Corporate Anniversary Forum, which will be taking place on September 15, 2014, speaks with Doug Simon about the importance of using corporate anniversaries to encourage organizational dialogue and promote growth within companies.

How Companies Can Use Corporate Anniversaries to their Advantage?

  1. Be reflective. Acknowledge your founding principles but stick to the 80/20 platform, focusing 80% on the future and 20% on the past.
  2. Don’t procrastinate having these anniversary discussions. There is a lot that can be learned and shared through these reflective conversations.
  3. Stimulate sales by drawing upon your legacy. Use promotions that feature the anniversary year to highlight this legacy.

Suggested Links:

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Learn More about Milestone Marketing and The Corporate Anniversary Forum

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Thought Leadership at the PR News Social Media Summit with Taste of Tech

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


Learn what top thought leaders from the Communications, Marketing, Social Media and PR departments from major organizations and industry leaders had to say at this year’s PR News Social Media Summit with Taste of Tech. Interviews were conducted by Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, unless otherwise noted.

Click photos to view individual posts of Ian Greenleigh, Kathryn Scheaffer, Susan Emerick, Jeff Petriello, Joie Healy, Emily Yu, Serena Ehrlich, Kevin Dando and Lori Russo.

Ian Greenleigh, author of The Social Media Door, speaks about how to use different social media platforms to your advantage, especially with prospective employers. VIEW POST
Kathryn Scheaffer, Senior Associate Brand Manager at Mondolez International for the Ritz brand explains how social media is not free when utilized properly by a brand or organization. VIEW POST
Susan Emerick, Manager of Influencer Engagement at IBM, shares why marketing and communication professionals’ jobs have changed from mouthpiece to counselor. VIEW POST
Jeff Petriello, Producer/Creative at Mashable shares how Mashable is using Snapchat as a brand tool and how other organizations can integrate Snapchat into their own social media marketing plan. VIEW POST
Joie Healy, Senior Manager of Social Media Communications at Cisco, speaks about why consistent messaging across all platforms and a solid strategy are the key to having a successful social media following. VIEW POST
Emily Yu, VP Marketing & Partnerships for The Case Foundation, speaks about the importance of investing in people and ideas that lift up the social sector to be “champions for good.” VIEW POST
Serena Ehrlich, Director, Social & Evolving Business at Business Wire explains why social media messaging is more effective when creating specific content for niche audiences. VIEW POST
Kevin Dando, Senior Director, Digital Marketing & Communications for shares some of the tactics PBS is utilizing for their social media. VIEW POST
Lori Russo, Managing Director, Mid-Atlantic at Stanton Communications, shares what role LinkedIn should be playing for organizations’ social media strategy. VIEW POST

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