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Why is a Touchdown for PR Professionals

Thursday, May 15th, 2014


Trace Cohen, President and Co-Founder of, speaks with Doug Simon about his free PR publishing platform and how is leading to the paperless tradeshow.

Trace’s VlogViews:

“When the user, the PR professional, on behalf of their client or the company, who started publishing news on Launch It, sends it out because it’s social, visual, and searchable. They also have analytics, so instead of having your news stuck in email limbo you can now send one link with all your news. They can take the text, the images, the video and contact you directly.”

“We wanted to give power back to the PR professional who produces so much great content, and is really just an expert in the field.”

“We went after events because we have the mentality of ‘Why do people rob banks? Because that’s where the money is.’ Why do people go to shows? That’s where the news is, but it’s so hard to find. So, what we wanted to do was get all the news and put it in one place.”

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Brian Cohen’s Advice to Young Entrepreneurs: You Want Smart Money, Not Dumb Money

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014


Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur? Brian Cohen, Chairman of New York Angels, in conversation with Doug Simon, D S Simon, shares how he and the Angels help their up-and-coming entrepreneurs with “smart money” and how tough love is much more effective than unlimited appeasing.

Brian’s VlogViews:

“The first thing you need to know as an entrepreneur is that it’s a contact relationship. You need to reach out to the angels. You need to find the ones that could embrace both you and your ideas.  Somebody who’s going to be there with you, supporting and hugging you when you need to be hugged, and not just giving you money; but giving you smart, caring money.”

“Money is now becoming a lesser important value. The ability to make contacts or relationships happen in their respective marketplaces is much more important. That’s the biggest role for an angel, not just the money.”

“At a Columbia presentation I gave a couple of months ago, I asked 300 of the brightest students there ‘Are we being too nice to you?’ Silence in the room. Everybody came back and say ‘Yes, and we resent it. We want to know what you really think. Don’t be that nice to us.’”

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Huffington Post Editor, Arin Greenwood, on Cats Running for Office (Not an April Fools Joke) and How to Best Pitch Your Story to HuffPo

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014


Huffington Post editor, Arin Greenwood, speaks with D S Simon President & CEO, Doug Simon, at the Capitol Communicator’s Convergence in Communication Conference, giving her tips on how PR professionals can best approach the media with a story.  She also has a great anecdote about a cat running for the U.S Senate.

Arin’s VlogViews:

“I’m open to a variety of sorts of pitches. I like getting emails from people who know my work, and come across stories, people, cats, topics that they think I might be interested in.”

“I don’t mind being approached on Facebook; you can call if you have to, but I prefer not hearing from people on the phone. I prefer email or Facebook.”

“Facebook is a fantastic tool. When I’m looking to see if this is something that I’m interested in writing about, I’ll look on Facebook and see what sort of presences there are. Is this something that people are interested in? Are there photos that could go along with this that’ll make it more interesting and engaging for our readers?”

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How to Bolster New Business Pitches Using Market Research

Thursday, March 27th, 2014


Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon, interviews Lab42 founder, Jonathan Pirc, about the growing importance of market research and how PR agencies can intelligently use their findings to enhance their new business pitches.

Jonathan’s VlogViews:

“The main thing clients can learn when they are doing research is looking to figure out who the target market of the client is; and not just the basic demographics, but diving deep into finding the psychographics, what really makes these people tick.”

“It’s really figuring out why people are choosing things, instead of just if they are and how they are.”

“I think that using big data and little data, for the surveys, is a great way to go into new pitches. It really helps to level the playing field against larger PR firms that might be pitching against you, because then you have the tools and resources at hand.”

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