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How to Bolster New Business Pitches Using Market Research

Thursday, March 27th, 2014


Doug Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon, interviews Lab42 founder, Jonathan Pirc, about the growing importance of market research and how PR agencies can intelligently use their findings to enhance their new business pitches.

Jonathan’s VlogViews:

“The main thing clients can learn when they are doing research is looking to figure out who the target market of the client is; and not just the basic demographics, but diving deep into finding the psychographics, what really makes these people tick.”

“It’s really figuring out why people are choosing things, instead of just if they are and how they are.”

“I think that using big data and little data, for the surveys, is a great way to go into new pitches. It really helps to level the playing field against larger PR firms that might be pitching against you, because then you have the tools and resources at hand.”

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Sarah Katz Promoted to VP, Business Development at D S Simon Productions

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014


Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions speaks with Sarah Katz about her recent promotion to VP, Business Development.  Sarah has been with the strategic video communications firm since 2007.  Today she manages the growing sales team, helping develop and promote new service offerings and advising clients on campaigns and strategy.

Sarah’s VlogViews:

 “I’m really a facilitator between the different members of the sales team and our senior-level staffers to give them counsel on when to bring in different members for PRketing conversations, and offering more guidance as to what we can offer their clients, and how to get the support they need.”

 “We’ve added a lot of new faces to the team—some industry veterans and some young people, as well. And it’s giving us a fresh perspective on what other services we can offer, as well as expanding our digital offerings.”

“In this transmedia environment, do clients want to be reaching out to traditional television reporters? Do they want to be online? If they are online, where do they want to be? Are we producing a completed video and pitching that? Are we pitching web interviews? There are so many different distributions outlets now. The key is identifying where consumers that they want to reach are, and counseling them on how to reach them.”

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Liz LaBrasca Joins D S Simon Productions as Senior Director Client Services, Midwest Region

Monday, March 3rd, 2014


Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Liz LaBrasca who recently accepted the position of Senior Director Client Services, Midwest Region, for the strategic video communications firm. Liz, who brings more than 25 years’ experience in marketing communications, has worked with clients in consumer goods, associations and not-for-profit organizations as well as healthcare and others.

Liz’s VlogViews:

“What I’ll do when I start talking with a client about a project is start from day one discussing what their goals are, what strategy they feel is going to be best for this and of course, I am going to guide them and let them know what exactly we have to offer.”

“While we are packaging it with digital distribution, because radio has a great listenership, it’s not going anywhere; it’s low-cost, it’s a great way to get your message out without putting a huge investment on it.”

“That’s why I really, really am happy to be here at D S Simon because we have so much to offer, and are very forward-thinking, and able to offer clients things that not everybody can, and that we are moving forward and changing with the way the industry has changed.”

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Kevin Bishop, Global Head of Brands, For IBM

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

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Kevin Bishop of IBM spoke with Douglas Simon, D S Simon Productions, about the 100th anniversary of IBM and the six steps for a successful initiative. Recorded at the IABC Measurement Event discussing the 100th anniversary.

Some of Kevin’s VlogViews:

On the 100th anniversary, “ We wanted to make sure we drew on the history of the past to be relevant to the future as a strategic objective. How can we demonstrate that from our past history, we will be able to make a difference with things that matter to people in the world now.”

“You put your media plan in a way that’s relevant to all of the constituents, then you really got to work each element of the media for what it’s good for. So films can be a very powerful thing, quick delivery of information with a powerful emotional content. If you are going to use the web, make sure you produce things that deserve to be shared, because that’s what people do on the web, it’s to share content. You have to work every media really hard for what it’s uniquely good at.”

“The tree is the real thing, and the shadow is just the image, and if you want to manage a brand you have to work on the health of the tree. If you have a healthy tree, it will always look beautiful in photographs, it will have a great reputation, people will come and look. If all you do is take clever photographs one afternoon, then the tree is going to wither and die. So managing a brand is like managing the health of a tree, and then the shadow looks after itself.”

Check out IBM’s Centennial Website and video!

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