Doug Simon Shares His Views on AOL’s Purchase of Huffington Post

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Doug Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, shares his views on the recent acquisition of Huffington Post by AOL and what it means for both companies.

Some of Doug’s VlogViews:

“It seems to me though that they’re buying traffic not building a brand.”

“Even in the Huffington Post’s own cheeky release on the topic they talked about synergies between themselves, tech crunch and moviefone suggesting that Arianna become the new voice of moviefone. That’s a good reason to spend hundreds of millions of dollars, isn’t it?”

“Huffington Post was built on a great idea that has made the PR wire service companies successful: have someone else do the work for free and then you provide a distribution channel. How many of the contributors who are willing to put their content up there for nothing on Huffington Post will still be willing to do that now that it’s a corporate entity?”


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