Jake Porway of the New York Times talks Data Visualization with Cascade

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As part of Social Media Week, the Publicity Club of New York hosted an event on February 14th entitled Socializing the News. Participating on the panel was Jake Porway, Data Scientist for The New York Times. Douglas Simon, President & CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Jake about the exciting new data visualization tool, Cascade, The New York Times has built to follow the life cycle of stories shared through social media. Jake’s interview and event presentation are below:

Jake’s VlogViews:

“Cascade is a tool that The New York Times RND group is building to help understand how some of our content spreads across social media: who’s tweeting about it, who’s reacting to it and ultimately who’s clicking those links to actually come back to the website. We’re using that to understand better how we’re interacting with social media; that’s how our journalists interact, how our automated feeds interact. But also seeing who else out there is talking about our content. Who are our major influencers? How are people interacting with the paper when they see us through social media versus coming to the webpage?”

“Sometimes through social media we see these really interesting behaviors of someone going: click on twitter to the site, click on twitter to the site, click on twitter to the site, and we suspect that those are people who are actually reading The New York Times through their Twitter stream. They’re not your traditional user who comes to your homepage and stays there. They’re actually just seeing New York Times’ links come to them through Twitter. So, how do we become part of that conversation when they may not be getting their news from the homepage from us but from Twitter as their new homepage?”

“Companies that can understand how they are affecting social media, how they’re columnists and publishers are reverberating throughout social media and how they’re using it to the best of their abilities are going to be the ones that are actually succeeding in the 21st century.”




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