Julia Hood, Executive Vice President for Haymarket Media, On Corporate Communications

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Douglas Simon, President and CEO of D S Simon Productions, spoke with Julia Hood, Executive Vice President for Haymarket Media, on her recent return to PR Week. Julia shares what she learned about corporate communications during her time with the Arthur Page Society and how she plans to incorporate those lessons into making PR Week even bigger and more impactful.

Some of Julia’s VlogViews:

“I was really blessed to have this kind of master class in corporate communications, as I call it, and among the themes that emerged for me was how the profession has matured though the lens of the corporate communicator; the way that the corporate communicator is working as a chief convening officer and a chief collaboration officer across the whole network within the organizations.”

“PRWeek is an incredibly strong brand, people are loyal to it. Our readers are very fond of it, we have strong partners and we have a strong subscriber base that keeps growing. We’re getting deeper into organizations; that, to me, is telling us something.”

“Part of PRWeek’s mission in the next couple of months is going to be defining, ‘What do we believe in? What do we believe the industry is for? The profession is for? The value of the profession is for organizations, for society, for the greater good?’”

“We’ll be looking for more partnerships. We’ll be looking to encourage and support other activities that help us focus on some of the themes that we believe are really important about the way the profession is growing.”

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