Mark Weiner, CEO of PRIME Research

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Mark Weiner Provides highlights of the IABC Measurement Conference and looks at how research can be used most effective as a business tool.

Some of Mark’s VlogViews:

“One of the great myths is that research and evaluation of the type you are describing has to be sophisticated, too complicated, too expensive, and it’s not the case. The tools are not particularly new. It’s just that technology democratizes those tools in ways that make them more accessible and more affordable.”

“What you heard during the speeches are communicators who are integrating media data which is kind of a traditional measure of public relations with attitudinal research to create what I would call 1 + 1= 3 equations.”

“Researchers are creating something bigger than the component parts and the way they are doing that is by conducting surveys, conducting media analysis, integrating the data to become even more prescriptive to see not just that the message appeared, or that people’s opinions shifted, but the interrelationship between attitude and content consumption.”

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