Matt Broder, Pitney Bowes on Social Media

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Matt Broder, Vice President, Pitney Bowes, discusses how social media is the driving force in communication.

Some of Matt’s VlogViews:

“Because the number of journalists is going down you really don’t need as many people to speak to the journalists, but the number of people consuming information over the internet has exploded, and so you need a lot more people in that realm.”

“At Pitney Bowes we’ve gone from 4 or 5 authorized spokespeople five years ago to over 40 today, and we’re on our way to hopefully a lot more…Companies need to adapt, companies need to become more flexible and nimble, and they really need to expand the ways in which they communicate with their constituents.”

“I think social media has really smashed all of the walls. It is the oxygen that we breathe now. And all media whether their print, earned, whatever it’s all brought together now in one kind of big conglomeration of messaging.”

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