Consistent Messaging and Strategy are Key to Effective Social Media Marketing

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


After speaking at PR News Social Media Summit, Joie Healy, Senior Manager of Social Media Communications at Cisco, spoke with Doug Simon about why consistent messaging across all platforms and a solid strategy are the key to having a successful and interactive social media following for your brand.

Joie’s Top 3 Tips for your Social Media Strategy:

1)    Even if you are strategic, make sure your messaging is consistent. Change your language to accommodate each platform appropriately, but keep the message the same.

2)    Use the 6-seconds provided by Vine as a teaser to a longer series or piece of video to draw buzz around it.

3)    Bring producers and videographers onto your social media marketing team to create your own content for multimedia platforms like Instagram or Vine.

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Why you want to Target Specific Audiences with your Social Media Content

Monday, June 9th, 2014


Serena Ehrlich, Director, Social & Evolving Media at Business Wire, in conversation with Doug Simon at the PR News Social Media Summit, explains why social media messaging is more effective when creating specific content for niche audiences, as opposed to generic content for a general audience.

In Serena’s words: Why targeting specific audiences is more effective than general audiences:

- “You really have to become very, highly specific. It’s about concentric circles. It’s about creating content for very tiny, powerful audiences and letting those audiences take your content outward for you and introduce it to their audiences because content that is brand-created, but shared by a third party, is really the most influential content out there.”

- “It’s about really listening and knowing what your audience is interested in and what their paying points are. Knowing what your customers’ expectations are of your brand and creating content to help them meet their expectations in very specific, small circles is really how companies are winning.”

- “Move past your top-tier influencers and start looking at what we might consider second-tier influencers. They tend to actually have more impact on your brand. Understand what they’re sharing with their readers and what content excites those influencers, and giving them that content is what works really well.”

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Snapchat: Not just for college students anymore

Monday, June 9th, 2014


One of the most talked about communication platforms is Snapchat. Now brands have begun to use it to reach consumers. Jeff Petriello, Producer/Creative at Mashable, shared with D S Simon’s Bailey Wild, how Mashable is using this social media platform as a brand tool and how other organizations can integrate Snapchat into their own social media marketing plan.

How to use Snapchat the right way:

77% percent of college students use Snapchat on a daily basis. Capitalizing on that, many brands, such as Mashable, have begun to integrate the communication platform into their social media marketing plans. Here’s what Mashable is doing:

1)    Creating stories on Snapchat. A story is a 24-hour rolling cycle of images or video your followers can opt into viewing.

2)    Putting up content that reflects the editorial content on the site, behind the scenes or even a brand partnership.

3)    They’re open to experimentation. You never know if it’ll work unless you mess around with the app and “get your hands dirty.”

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Kevin Dando, Sr. Director of Digital Marketing & Communications, on PBS’s Tactics to Social Media

Monday, June 9th, 2014


Kevin Dando, Senior Director, Digital Marketing & Communications for PBS and speaker at the PR News Social Media Summit, shares with Doug Simon some of the tactics PBS is utilizing for their social media.

What PBS is doing on social media that you can use for your organization:

1)    Develop a voice. Experiment with different kinds of posts at different times of the day.

2)    If you don’t have your own content, share from those in your community. Think of similar accounts your followers would be interested and share their content. That’s the point of being social!

3)    If you don’t know what your audience is interested in or looking for… ask! Open a dialogue with your followers so you can better deliver the content they want.

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