LinkedIn: The platform built for business

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


Lori Russo, Managing Director, Mid-Atlantic at Stanton Communications, shares with Doug Simon at the PR News Social Media Summit, what role LinkedIn should be playing for organizations’ social media strategy.

Lori’s advice for using LinkedIn:

1)    Take advantage of the new tools LinkedIn now offers. LinkedIn just launched showcase pages that are a great way for corporations to tell their brand stories.

2)    Use LinkedIn as a platform to drive traffic to your company website or blog.

3)    Decide as an organization what LinkedIn means for you and how your company wants to utilize the platform. Communicate this to your employees so they can represent the brand well.

4)    Your marketing or communications department should be managing your company’s page.

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The Importance of the Corporate Sector and Non-Profit Sector Working Together to Produce “Champions for Good”

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


Emily Yu, VP Marketing & Partnerships for The Case Foundation, speaks to Doug Simon at the PR News Social Media Summit about the importance of investing in people and ideas that lift up the social sector to be “champions for good.”

What Makes a “Champion of Good”

1)    As The Case Foundation motto states, “be fearless.” Don’t be afraid to fail, take risks and be bold.

2)    Work hand in hand with everyone, the corporate sector, government, non-profit, etcetera, to make an impact.

3)    Be a “champion of good” for other companies and organizations. Volunteer any skills you have that could help lead to more social responsibility.

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IBM’s Susan Emerick on Managing Influencer Engagement

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


Susan Emerick, Manager of Influencer Engagement at IBM and presenter at the PR News Social Media Summit, shares with Doug Simon why marketing and communication professionals’ jobs have changed; it’s now about helping authentic, subject-matter experts manage influencer engagement.

Susan’s Advice for Managing Influencer Engagement:

1)    Anyone has a voice these days! Whether it be your employees, your customers, academics or other sectors, anyone can have a voice as long as they put focus on it and build their visibility.

2)    Start with early adapters who are comfortable building a dialogue online and relationships internally and externally, who are an authority on whatever topic is being discussed, and work with them.

3)    As a professional communicator, offer assistance to the individuals who have the expertise so they can be more visible. Help them, but don’t take away their voice.

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Consistent Messaging and Strategy are Key to Effective Social Media Marketing

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


After speaking at PR News Social Media Summit, Joie Healy, Senior Manager of Social Media Communications at Cisco, spoke with Doug Simon about why consistent messaging across all platforms and a solid strategy are the key to having a successful and interactive social media following for your brand.

Joie’s Top 3 Tips for your Social Media Strategy:

1)    Even if you are strategic, make sure your messaging is consistent. Change your language to accommodate each platform appropriately, but keep the message the same.

2)    Use the 6-seconds provided by Vine as a teaser to a longer series or piece of video to draw buzz around it.

3)    Bring producers and videographers onto your social media marketing team to create your own content for multimedia platforms like Instagram or Vine.

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