Paul Dunay, BearingPoint

Paul Dunay, Global Director of Integrated Marketing for BearingPoint, discusses some of the initiatives he is undertaking to bring his company into the social media space.

Some of Paul’s VlogViews:

“Blogging and social media are kind of a quantity game at this point. I mean, if you look at the amount of blogs that are out there and if you look at the amount of content that is out there, there is more content on the blogosphere then there is in the Library of Congress. So we’re out there trying to mix it up and create an attraction vehicle.”

“We’ve repositioned the company to be about ‘New Thinking For a Changing World’, a very open message. I couldn’t believe command and control branding is still in place at this point because a single one-way message was just too much. So having an open message like that allows us to gather new thinking from other people.”

“Our customers need us now more than ever before. If you have a leak in your basement, you’re not going to wait weeks for a consultant, you’re going to have a plumber today to come and fix that…Our guys are coming in to brief [our customers] on what they should be doing now.”

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