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Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

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D S Simon Productions syndicated special “The Best of CES” will be airing in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and nationally on DirecTV in early March. The Best of CES is hosted by Mario Armstrong, Digital Lifestyle Expert and 2011 Emmy Award winner for “Best TV Show Host.” “I’m really excited to host the show. CES is an incredible event. It’s great to be able to take viewers behind the curtain and give them an early look at great new technology,” said Armstrong.


The 30-minute long celebrity-packed special features segments covering the big stories of CES and was sponsored by Intel and Lowe’s who were featured within the program. “High-quality syndicated program is a unique opportunity for organizations to not only get the distribution in key markets but take advantage of significant opportunities to extend their brands through social media,” said Douglas Simon, President & CEO at video communications firm D S Simon Productions which developed the program.

In this segment, Mario Armstrong features key innovations from Intel including a broad new range of Ultrabook convertibles, detachables and tablets with all-day battery life. Intel Ambassador Mike Fard was featured. “This is an exciting time at Intel and in the world of technology in general. The landscape is evolving rapidly and the new technologies we highlighted at CES showcase some of the new ways in which people can interact with their PCs and mobile devices. Whether by touch, voice, facial recognition, and hand gestures, there are new and innovative ways in which to get work done and to have fun.”

The Best of CES will air on March 9, 2013 nationally on DirecTV, channel 224 at 10:00pm; WWOR in New York at 6:00am and WCIU in Chicago at 6:00am. The show will air in Los Angeles on Wednesday, March 6 at 6:30am.

“This presents a unique opportunity for brands to participate in high quality programming in an affordable way,” said Simon. “We are already seeing a dramatic upturn in requests for this type of programming.

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Jessica Tolliver of Carmichael Lynch Spong on the Power of Westinghouse Solar

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

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Doug Simon of D S Simon Productions spoke with Jessica Tolliver, Senior Media Relations Manager at Carmichael Lynch Spong, who represented at the Editor Showcase: Green Living event on Westinghouse’s goal of making solar power accessible to the everyday consumer and how to better reach targeted audiences using the change in media climate.

Some of Jessica’s VlogViews:
“Westinghouse solar makes panels that are accessible to the homeowner… It takes a concept that I think used to seem pretty out there for people: expensive, complicated and a little hippie and a little hard to achieve and makes it a lot more mainstream.”

“Our clients (at Carmichael Lynch Spong) are starting to understand more and more the value of outlets that have possibly smaller audiences but audiences that are more on target, a higher percentage of them are actually going to stand the chance of going out there and spend money on their products”

“We certainly have many new outlets on our media list these days and people we reach out to. Probably five years ago we reached out to print and broadcast and radio and now we reach out to print, broadcast and online….The best practices that have always been the case remain true and it’s knowing the outlet.”

“Online certainly has different needs as far as video and images and quick turnaround times and responsiveness, so when we reach out to media we try to have those tools at our disposal to increase our odds of getting coverage.”


*Disclosure: D S Simon presented on October 13, 2010 as part of the Editor Showcase: Green Living and can offer a 10% discount to clients that want to participate in the next Editor Showcase: Health and Nutrition on February 9, 2011. Go to for more information and mention D S Simon for the discount.

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